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Springboard’s career acceleration program for women.

GoGirl Advantage™


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Why Springboard Academy?

We help individuals advance their careers and help organizations improve communications and team effectiveness.

Leadership Workshops

Proven programs that help men and women advance their careers and organizations work more effectively. 

GoGirl Advantage™

Springboard’s unique career acceleration program for women. 

Personal and Executive Coaching

Customized help for executives, people who want to become executives, and individuals in transition. 

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Twelve Weekly (3 hour) Classes

Class 1 – Personal Brand

  • You learn how to:  Define the qualities and skills you want to be known for; communicate your personal brand through your personal “elevator pitch”; brag about your strengths; and make your brand shine in different situations.

  • You get:  Individual help from experienced professionals in crafting your personal elevator pitch and developing a plan for your brand.

Class 2 – Leadership and Teamwork

  • You learn how to:  Stand out in a group; work with people (even ones you don’t like); become a leader in your profession, office and community

  • You get:  A personal motivational sketch which includes your dominant strengths, career considerations, and advice on how to work with others

Class 3 – Personal Brand Management

  • You learn how to:  Build your brand and stay true to it in everything you do; develop a daily plan; take action on your ideas

  • You get:  Tools and techniques for managing your time and your brand

Class 4 – Good First Impressions

  • You learn how to:  Shake hands and convey personal confidence through your body language; walk into a room and create a positive impression; recover from a social gaffe; and develop a health and fitness regime that works for you

  • You get:  The top 10 rules of business etiquette and personal feedback on how to improve your physical first impression

Class 5 – Personal Style

  • You learn how to:  Select clothes in your personal color palette; build a stylish wardrobe without spending a fortune; use accessories and jewelry to extend your wardrobe and make the right statement; choose the best clothes for every occasion

  • You get:  An individual color consultation and your personal color palette

Class 6 – Personal Look

  • You learn how to:  Choose the most flattering hair style for every occasion and use make-up tricks that only models know

  • You get:  Personal consultations with GGA’s professional image consultant and hair stylist

Class 7 – Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

  • You learn how to:  Construct a presentation and deliver it confidently; avoid the 8 mistakes commonly made in public speaking; be comfortable and make a great impression in front of a group or a camera

  • You get:  Personal coaching from our media experts and advice on how to control the fear of public speaking

Class 8 – Business Writing

  • You learn how to:  Keep your workplace communications consistent with your brand; create an attention-getting personal bio and resume

  • You get:  Personal advice from a prominent author and consultant on business writing and a personal critique of your resume by a hiring professional from one of Seattle’s leading companies.

Class 9 – Social Media Skills

  • You learn how to:  Promote your brand using social media — create a personal website; connect with others using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media tools; “shine online” in less than 10 minutes a day

  • You get:  Do’s and don’ts for social media and “how to” instructions for your social media accounts

Class 10 – Your "Brand Plan"

  • You learn how to:  Be entrepreneurial with your brand; understand your competition; develop and execute a personal career plan

  • You get:  Tips for avoiding the 8 biggest career-limiting personal brand mistakes

Class 11 – Mentorship and Community Involvement

  • You learn how to:  Find a mentor; be a mentor; and give back to the community through volunteerism and public service

  • You get:  Assistance defining your mentorship goals and help finding a personal mentor

Class 12 – Networking

  • You learn how to:  Work a room, make small talk and put others (and yourself) at ease; build and maintain personal and professional networks

  • You get:  Personal feedback on your networking approach from experienced business executives


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