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Individual Brand Module

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Individual Brand Workshops

This module addresses the basics of personal brand and how to reflect that brand in everything you say and do.  Students learn how to craft a personal brand statement (“what you want to be known for”), how to concisely communicate your brand (“elevator speech”), and how to systematically manage your brand to build reputation, increase visibility in the community, and advance your career.

Define your individual brand                  (BRAND-001)  

Learning Objective:  What do people say when you leave the room and how can you influence that conversation? Students learn the importance of personal brand and how to develop a brand statement that describes “what they want to be known for.”  This is a pre-requisite for all other classes. 

Topics:  Your individual brand – what is it and why it matters; Elements of personal brand; How to leverage your brand

Exercises:  Brand definition exercise; Review each student’s brand definition; Mapping brand development activities to support career plans

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; How to build your personal brand statement;  How to establish and maintain a clear, consistent and authentic brand

Talk your brand                                  (BRAND-002)  

Learning Objective:  Students learn how to communicate their personal brand with a concise, impactful “elevator pitch” that says what they do and why people should care. 

Topics:  How to craft a personal elevator pitch; How to brag about your strengths

Exercises:  Elevator pitch exercise

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Recommended reading: Give your Elevator Speech a Lift, Lorraine Howell

Manage your brand                             (BRAND-003)  

Learning Objective:  Students learn how to systematically manage their personal brands to build reputation, increase visibility in the business community and ultimately advance their careers.

Topics:  Planning for career advancement; Developing mid- and long-term strategies to build brand and reputation; Advancing personal brand through professional and community activities

Exercises:  Career planning exercise; Brand action plan to support career path

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Career planning worksheet; Brand action plan worksheet

Align your brand                   (BRAND-004)  

Learning Objective:  Students learn how to align their personal brand with that of their organization and reflect both brands in every customer interaction.

Topics:  Identifying your organization’s vision, values and brand promise; Aligning your brand with your employer’s brand; Advice on enhancing personal brand and reputation

Exercises:  Personal/Organizational Brand Alignment

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Brand alignment worksheet


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