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Leadership Training Module

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We help individuals advance their careers and help organizations improve communications and team effectiveness.

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Proven programs that help men and women advance their careers and organizations work more effectively. 

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Leadership Workshops

This module addresses the basic personal skills needed to be a successful leader in your organization, profession and community.  The series begins with an overview what it takes to be an effective leader – styles, strengths and virtues.  Other classes address the common complaint “how do I find more time?” Students learn how to set priorities, manage time, and focus on activities that are most important to personal and career success.  Finally, since successful leaders must do more than their “day jobs,” students learn how to network inside and outside their organizations, how to share skills and experience by mentoring others, and how to give back to the community.   

Become a better leader                   (LEAD-001)  

Learning Objective:  Students learn how to increase their effectiveness by fostering teamwork and applying advanced communications tools and techniques.

Topics:  Organizational styles – differences by industry, profession and structure, and the nuances/complexities associated with each; Leadership styles and how to work with each; Your leadership strengths and style; Leadership virtues – how to be an effective leader

Exercises:  Leadership style role-playing; Listening exercise

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Recommended reading on Leadership; The Executive’s Guide to better listening (McKinsey); Recommended reading:  StrengthsFinder 2.0, Tom Rath

Manage your priorities                   (LEAD-002)  

Learning Objective:  Do you manage your priorities or do they manage you?  Students learn how to set priorities and free up time for the things that are most important to success. 

Topics:  Time management versus priority management; Planning and priorities; Effectively sending and receiving information

Exercises:  Activity analysis and priority setting

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Priority management worksheet; Start-Stop-Keep worksheet

Manage your time                      (LEAD-003)  

Learning Objective:  Students learn how to track their time and, based on their priorities, focus on the things that will lead to their desired results.

Topics:  Pitfalls of multi-tasking; How to say “no”; Perfectionism is over-rated

Exercises:  Stop-Start-Keep activity analysis

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Positive vocabulary

Negotiate a win/win every time                   (LEAD-004)  

Learning Objective:  Students learn the basics of personal negotiation and how to move toward win/win outcomes in everyday transactions with people inside and outside the organization.

Topics:  Negotiating styles (good and bad); Elements of a negotiation (what do you want, what does the other party want, fact finding, compromise, etc.); Achieving win/win outcomes

Exercises:  Listening exercise; Negotiation role-playing

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Creating Win/Win Negotiations; Win/Win Negotiation Worksheet

Increase your success through mentorship        (LEAD-005)  

Learning Objective:  Students learn how mentor relationships can accelerate personal and professional success.

Topics:  Types of mentor-mentee relationships; Goals and roles; How to find a mentor; How to be a mentor

Exercises:  Ask someone to be your mentor

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Mentor Myths and Glitches; Mentor-Mentee Insights; Seven Steps Exercise

Become a networking ninja                   (LEAD-006)  

Learning Objective:  Students learn how networking can help them meet new people, find job opportunities, and build a group of peers who can help them advance.

Topics:  How, why and where to network; How to start, maintain and end a conversation; How to build and maintain a network; Networking do’s and don’ts

Exercises:  Networking role play and feedback

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Networking as a leadership competency; How to start a conversation

Get connected through community involvement   (LEAD-007)  

Learning Objective:  Students learn how to get involved in their local non-profit community as a way to give back, build reputation, and make connections.

Topics:  Benefits of community involvement for personal and professional development; Different forms of community involvement; Setting personal goals and determining which activities are best for you; How to identify and approach organizations

Exercises:  Personal assessment worksheets

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; United Way tips for volunteers; Board-Source questions about non-profit boards; Benefits of community involvement; Where to start

Succeed in sales when you’re not “in sales”      (LEAD-008)  

Learning Objective:  Students learn that sales are more than monetary transactions with customers and how sales are involved in every aspect of their lives.

Topics:  Definition of “sales”; Different forms of sales interactions; How to be an effective salesperson

Exercises:  Simple selling

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; 7 tips to help you sell anything!


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