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Why Springboard Academy?

We help individuals advance their careers and help organizations improve communications and team effectiveness.

Leadership Workshops

Proven programs that help men and women advance their careers and organizations work more effectively. 

GoGirl Advantage™

Springboard’s unique career acceleration program for women. 

Personal and Executive Coaching

Customized help for executives, people who want to become executives, and individuals in transition. 

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Leadership Training

Springboard's Leadership Training Programs are designed to help men and women advance their careers and to help organizations work more effectively.  Each workshop is customized to meet the specific needs and goals of client organizations and individuals, drawing on content from training modules developed by Springboard Academy and our distinguished faculty.

Workshops focus on improving understanding and communications within teams and building brand alignment between individuals and their employers.   They feature hands-on instruction and in-depth coverage of topics by our expert faculty.   Below are some examples of programs we have developed for client organizations.

To discuss how Springboard might help your organization, contact us at 206-494-0416 or by email.

High Performer Training

These training sessions, intended for all team members, show how to increase personal effectiveness and productivity when working with others, both inside and outside the organization.

  • Time management:  prioritizing and budgeting time to get more done

  • Leadership and teamwork:  working effectively with others and constructively resolving conflict

  • Personal brand:  defining your personal brand and aligning it with your company’s brand

  • Written communications:  writing effective memos, emails and more

  • Professional image:  reinforcing your brand through wardrobe and grooming (the basics)

  • Social media:  a starter course on do’s and don’ts of the on-line world

Business Developer Training

These training sessions, designed for marketing and sales executives, show people how to put their best foot forward and become recognized as leaders in the business community.

  • Priority management:  getting more done by setting and managing priorities

  • Brand alignment:  aligning personal and company brands and making both shine

  • Professional image:  business etiquette, wardrobe, poise and posture

  • Public speaking:  organizing a presentation and speaking effectively

  • Community involvement:  building reputation and making important contacts in the community

  • Mentorship:  establishing and benefiting from mentor-mentee relationships

  • Business networking:  building, managing and leveraging a network of professional contacts

Emerging Leader Training

These training sessions, designed for high-potential individuals, provide important guidance and tools to accelerate their development as leaders inside the organization and in the business community.

  • Professional image:  a starter course in wardrobe, hair, make-up and grooming

  • First impressions:  making a positive impression on others in every situation

  • Leadership:  leadership styles and how to work effectively with others

  • Networking:  how to  be an effective networker and build a broad base of professional contacts

  • Priority management:  getting more done by setting and managing priorities

  • Community involvement:  building reputation, making important contacts, and contributing to the community


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