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Why Springboard Academy?

We help individuals advance their careers and help organizations improve communications and team effectiveness.

Leadership Workshops

Proven programs that help men and women advance their careers and organizations work more effectively. 

GoGirl Advantage™

Springboard’s unique career acceleration program for women. 

Personal and Executive Coaching

Customized help for executives, people who want to become executives, and individuals in transition. 

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Personal and Executive Coaching

Springboard offers highly customized personal coaching for executives, people who want to become executives, and individuals in transition.  One-on-one sessions are designed to meet the specific development needs and goals of each student. 

To learn more about our coaching services and the backgrounds of our certified executive coaches, contact us at 206-494-0416 or by email.

Personal coaching topics include:

Brand and Reputation

  • Personal brand: defining who you are and what you want to be known for

  • Elevator pitch:  effectively communicating your brand to individuals or groups

  • Brand alignment:  making sure your personal brand aligns with your company brand

  • Social media:  why and how to (correctly) use social media

Personal Image

  • First impressions:  sending the right message with your handshake,  appearance and body language

  • Business etiquette:  conducting yourself appropriately in common business situations (basic rules)

  • Wardrobe:  dressing for business (wardrobe and personal color palette)

  • Grooming:  looking your best on every occasion (hair, makeup, etc.)


  • Public speaking:  how to be comfortable and make a great impression

  • Presentation skills:  crafting and delivering effective business presentations

  • Business writing:  conveying your brand and communicate effectively through writing

Professional Development

  • Teamwork:  working and communicating effectively with others

  • Leadership:  how to interact with others and tools for difficult conversations

  • Time and priority management:  setting and managing priorities so you spend your time on the right things

  • Brand management:  setting personal and career goals and leveraging your brand

  • Mentorship:  establishing and getting the most from mentor relationships

  • Community involvement: building brand and reputation through active involvement in professional, business and non-profit organizations

  • Networking:  how to comfortably meet new people and engage in productive conversations

  • Networking management:  why and where to network and how to maintain your professional contact list


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