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Personal Image Module

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Personal Image Workshops

In today’s economy, looking your best isn’t vain or frivolous – it’s essential to success in your job, your career and your life.  These classes teach the importance of maintaining a professional image and making a positive first impression.  Classes cover the basics of business etiquette, wardrobe, style, personal colors and body language.

Create a first-class image (appearance for men)       (IMAGE-001)  

Learning Objective:  Formal dress codes have fallen out of favor in many organizations, so it's not always clear what attire is appropriate. This class teaches men the basics of grooming and wardrobe selection, what to wear on various occasions, and how to make that all important positive first impression.

Topics:  Wardrobe – colors and styles; what to wear on different occasions; Building your wardrobe; Grooming – hair, skin care and general appearance

Exercises:  Personal Assessment

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Hair and skin care tips; Building your wardrobe, colors and body shape guidelines

Create a first-class image (hair for women)                 (IMAGE-002)  

Learning Objective:   Women learn professional tips for hair styling and care.  They also learn their most flattering hair styles and how to wear their hair on every occasion.

Topics:  Basics of hair styling; Maintaining healthy hair

Exercises: Personal consultation by renowned hair stylist Tommy Gene Harlow

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Ponytail Workshop; Shine class for healthy looking hair

Create a first-class image (makeup for women)       (IMAGE-003)  

Learning Objective:  Women learn from professional makeup artists how to select and apply makeup appropriate for all occasions.

Topics:  Healthy and radiant skin; Selection and application of products

Exercises: Personal consultation by our “makeup artist for the stars”

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Make-up tips; Look fabulous with drugstore products; Professional looking nails

Create a first-class image (wardrobe for women)       (IMAGE-004)  

Learning Objective:  Women learn from personal shoppers and other professionals how to select the most flattering clothes for all occasions and how to build a wardrobe on a budget.

Topics:  Wardrobe – choice of colors and styles; What to wear on different occasions; How to invest in your wardrobe

Exercises:  Body shape style review

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Wardrobe colors and body shape guidelines; What clothes to throw out when you reach age 30/40/50

Understand your best colors (color analysis for men and women)       (IMAGE-005)  

Learning Objective:  Students learn from professional color consultants what colors, shades and textures are most flattering to them based on their individual skin color.  [Note:  each student receives a personal color analysis and color wheel which necessitates a $25 additional fee.] 

Topics:  Why proper color selection matters; Investing in your best colors

Exercises:  Personal color consultation; Creation of personal color palette

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; What to wear besides black; The Impact of Color

Demonstrate perfect business etiquette            (IMAGE-006)  

Learning Objective:  Students learn why etiquette and manners count. They become comfortable with rules for every occasion, including at work, online, making introductions, dining, and more.

Topics:  Business etiquette – do’s and don’ts for various business occasions; How to recover from social gaffes;

 Exercises:  How’s your business etiquette IQ?

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Top 10 business etiquette No-no’s

Make a great first (and 2nd) impression           (IMAGE-007)  

Learning Objective:  Students learn professional tips for making a good first impression.  Scope of the class includes handshake, walk, posture, stance, eye contact and more.

Topics:  Body Language – conveying a confident, positive, and approachable image; Why Your Handshake Matters

Exercises:  How to properly shake hands; How to exhibit poise and confidence

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Winning handshake, posture and smile; Body language of charisma


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