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Teamwork Workshops

These classes focus on how to be an effective “team player” and work with others to achieve optimum results.  The motivational class series focuses on understanding your personal motivational type (what drives you, what motivates you to be successful, and what demotivates you), what motivates others, and how to adapt your approach to work better with others.  The final teamwork class introduces tools that are useful in communicating and resolving inevitable conflicts with others.

Uncover your workplace motivators    (TEAM-001a)  

Learning Objective:  Students complete an online assessment to discover their basic motivational type and style.  This knowledge is instrumental to understanding one’s own motivations in the workplace and those of others.  The class is built around the motivational research of Jeff Troutman [Extra $25 fee for on-line motivational sketch.] 

Topics:  Overview of motivational types and styles – how people are motivated differently and how to work with people with different styles; Your motivational style – what does it mean and how to use it; How do you behave under stress

Exercises:  Motivational Sketch Tool (pre-work completed online)

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Personal results from motivational assessment

Understand what motivates others    (TEAM-001b)  

Learning Objective:  Continuing the motivational sketch series, students learn how to identify the motivation types of others.   [Prerequisite class:  T001-1]

Topics:  Review of motivational types; How to identify the motivational type of others so that you can work with them more effectively

Exercises:  Role playing various workplace scenarios

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Summary of motivational styles and the characteristics of each

Adapt to other motivational types     (TEAM-001c)  

Learning Objective:  In this third class in the series, students learn how to work with other motivational types.  [Prerequisite classes:  T001-1 and -2]

Topics:  Overview of how to work with other motivational types and achieve the best outcomes.

Exercises:  Role playing various workplace scenarios

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation

Apply best motivational practices   (TEAM-001d)   

Learning Objective:  This workshop is designed for students who are practitioners of the motivational sketch methodology.  [Prerequisite classes:  T001-1, 2, 3]

Topics:  What have you learned?; Success stories; Failures and assessment of why

Exercises:  In-class discussion

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation

Make your team more effective     (TEAM-002)  

Learning Objective:  Students learn how to increase their effectiveness in the organization by fostering teamwork and applying effectual communication tools and techniques.

Topics:  Communication techniques – how to maximize communications effectiveness and minimize misunderstandings and conflict; Pinch model tool – how to reconcile differences and resolve conflicts with others

Exercises:  Communication Wheel examples; Pinch Model examples

Handouts:  Class PowerPoint presentation; Communications Wheel and Pinch model worksheets


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